Nodal Ninja NN6, l’héritière

Nodal Ninja NN6, l’héritière arrive dans nos rayons.

Nodal Ninja NN6


1 – Le faire-part de naissance

June 7 2016 08:30

After researching and developing pure mechanical panoramic hardware for a decade, Fanotec is now pushing the envelope by incorporating robotic components to the design. A new range of products developed from the ground up together with the robotic developments will replace some of the legacy products.
Nodal Ninja 4 is the first to be replaced. The successor is Nodal Ninja 6 (NN6) which is still under last minute refinement. NN6 will be the first low cost ALL CNC machined pano head in the product line. We carefully examine the design and production of the Ultimate line (M Series) and optimize the design and workflow to reduce the machining and surface finishing cost. NN6 will have a quality close to the Ultimate line with hard anodized coating. It will be compatible with the motor head under development, capable of transforming into a 2-axis fully automatic pan/ tilt head with diverse functions.
The coming motor head will also be compatible with existing rails and clamps in the Ultimate line. Owners of Ultimate M series can build a 2-axis fully automatic pan/ tilt head using existing rails. The motor head will also work as lower rotator for all Nodal Ninjas (adapter may be needed), automating single row pano making with remote control capability.
2016 is the eleventh year of Fanotec, and yet the most fascinating year to come.

Nodal Ninja NN6

2 – Elle est chez Point Nodal

Les premières sont arrivées au compte gouttes et sont tout simplement géniales.
Superbe finition, conception presque parfaite, compacte comme une NN4 en plus léger, performante comme une Ultimate M, et compatible avec vos anciens RD8, RD12, RD16 et RD16II.
Nodal Ninja NN6C’est sans contestation LA rotule panoramique dont on rêve pour son DSLR, celle qui hérite de toutes les améliorations portées au fil des années aux Nodal Ninja !

3 – Une présentation détaillée pour bientôt

Mais les plus rapides peuvent déjà s’adjuger celles qui sont en stock
Nodal Ninja NN6
A bientôt.

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